Movers & Shakers – April 2009…

Public Trust is New Zealand’s largest trustee organisation and they provide a wide range of legal, financial services. They are pleased to announce that Sherry Edwards has joined their Napier operation in the role of Customer Centre Manager. Prior to this appointment Sherry held senior Sales & Marketing roles with companies including LSG Sky Chefs and Heli Flight (NZ).

Also, Matt and Georgina at Mogul have appointed Catherine Wealleans to the position of Web Projects Coordinator. In this role, she will be responsible for successfully delivering client web-development projects. Prior to joining Mogul, Catherine held client management roles in top New Zealand advertising agencies including Mojo, Ogilvy and Colenso.

The team at RIOT Recruitment are pleased to confirm that Quentin Varcoe has joined Unison in the role of Commercial Compliance Analyst. In this role, Quentin will provide commercial analysis and legal support to Unison’s Commercial Team. Quentin brings a strong mix of electricity industry, commercial and legal experience to this role.

In addition, Ebony Holt has joined the team at PORSE In-Home Childcare & Educator Training in the role of In-House Designer. In this contract position, Ebony will be responsible for the design and development of various company marketing materials including PORSE Magazine, calendars, manuals, journals, signage, and so on. Prior to joining the team at PORSE, Ebony had spent four years with APN News & Media, having experience with both the Hawke’s Bay Today and CHB Print operations.

Full details can be found in the Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce “Pulse” Newsletter.


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